Scriptiewijzer’s support is individual, confidential, and tailored to your needs.


♦ Uses fixed rates per hour: price on request

♦ Provides one-on-one counceling: based on personal and written sessions.

♦ Offers custom counselling: the contents of a session depend on your needs and requests.


It is important to us that you feel free. That’s why:

      ♦ You can purchase just one, or several sessions.

      ♦ You can get counselling at any point during your thesis process.

      ♦ You can pay per session or for multiple sessions at once.

my thesis

As a student of Scriptiewijzer you’ll also get access to the secure section of the website (“my thesis”). At this page you’ll be able to find much more information about writing a thesis, your (future) career, and personal development. You’ll also get an individual section with personalised tips as well as space to save a back-up of your thesis.

Shut up & write

You can also use the “Shut up & write” mornings that Scriptiewijzer organises. On these mornings you can work on your thesis for three hours using the pomodoro method. The benefit of these mornings is that you 1) aren’t on your own, and 2) can discuss problems you encounter with Scriptiewijzer or your peers right away. This gives you an extra incentive to work and helps you get organised and build up writing endurance. You’ll see that writing gets easier and easier!

average costs

Most students require six to eight sessions, and when students need coaching throughout the entire process, from thesis proposal to final product, they typically take 15 to 20 sessions. This means that the entire process with Scriptiewijzer can be acquired for less than your first salary – isn’t that awesome?!

claim expenses

Tip! It may be possible to claim expenses for the costs you make, under the name of ‘study costs.’ For more information on this, go to the Belastingdienst website.