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This is how it works!

Need help?

What does scriptiewijzer has to offer

Independent study and taking responsibility over your own tasks are central to studying at university. By the end of your degree you may feel like you’ve got this under control, but then you have to write your thesis. Writing a thesis can be more demanding than you had expected, and comes with a host of new challenges.

Your thesis supervisor at university mostly offers support for the contents of your thesis, helping you understand theory and develop your ideas. This is crucial when writing a thesis and it is important that this supervision is solid. Scriptiewijzer offers supplementary coaching which is focused on your personal development: A hands-on plan focused on you, to help you write your thesis in the best way you can.

Scriptiewijzer offers the tools for you to:

    • learn to take control of your own thesis;
    • develop skills that are valuable both during and after your degree;
    • take a practical approach to your thesis with the Academic Career Coach so that you make the most of your thesis;
    • grow on a personal level and have more mental space for other (student) activities.
The result

You can expect these results:

    • You are encouraged to turn your knowledge into a thesis text;
    • You are energised to get working and find your focus;
    • You stay motivated to finish your thesis.

Scriptiewijzer believes that a thesis is about more than just producing words on your topic. It offers the opportunity to develop important skills from which you’ll continue to benefit, like planning and discipline. Because of this, you are expected to actively partake in the planning and construction of your thesis process and that you are motivated to learn.

Specialism Academic Career Coach

Academic Career Coach Tjitske Dijkstra is specialised in coaching students who take longer to finish their studies, for example because they struggle with:

  • Motivation
  • AD(H)D
  • Fear of failure
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • High external pressure to perform
  • Problems with concentration
part-time students

Additionally, Scriptiewijzer is experienced in coaching professionals who combine their degree with a job, for example part-time students or students who work or run a company alongside their studies.

This is how it works!

focus on your goals

You might wonder what the additional coaching consists of and how it works. The concrete plans that we develop for you together will be focussed on your goals. This will teach you to take control over thesis process. We will create this plan through personal meetings and written feedback, in which we will pin down your goals. To reach these goals, you need the right tools for the steps you have to take. Together, we will develop the tools you need throughout the process.

There are two important sides to the thesis coaching I offer: Personal meetings and written feedback.

personal feedback

During the personal meetings we discuss the things that are on your mind.

Are you overwhelmed by your teacher’s feedback?

Do you feel uncomfortable or has the process made you feel insecure?

Do you feel like you can’t find your motivation?

Because we don’t just look at your thesis, but also consider your personal circumstances, the focus is broader than just your written work: We also look at the emotional aspects of the process. In these personal meetings, we will make a realistic planning, so that you know exactly where you stand. By focusing these personal meetings on you as a person rather than just on the thesis, producing a thesis will be a better experience to see through to the end!

written feedback

Aside from these personal meetings, you do of course have to produce your thesis. The written feedback is aimed at giving you the tools you need to develop your text.

Has every word started looking like it’s incorrect?

Can’t see the forest for the trees and lost track of the red thread of your text?

Has your reference list fought you – and won?

We will get into the structure of your text and how specific words, sentences, and paragraphs are linked together. This will help you learn about the technical side of writing, which will greatly benefit you in future text-based endeavours. Don’t be afraid of the many words you still have to write, nor of those you have already written; there are always plenty of ways to say what you want to say!

In other words, as Academic Career Coach I can help you understand and control your thesis process at various levels. I will help you understand what you need to do and how to be part of your own process. To get the most out of the process, it is important that you approach it with an open and motivated mind.

Because everyone can write a thesis – so so can you!

Scriptiewijzer is part of the Academic Career Coach

As Academic Career Coach I am always busy gathering knowledge, reading. This is because I believe that knowledge directly relates to freedom. Wanting to do things but not knowing how to achieve them or why you aren’t achieving them is a universal theme. Anyone who thinks about themselves, the world, and the systems and structures at play in the world can make more autonomous steps and grow both personally and professionally.

This is how I work.

> feel attention.

You vent. I listen and find the key points we can work on together. The ‘practical’ problems are easily identified: You are stuck in your thesis or work, you no longer enjoy your PhD or your role as supervisor. We will seek out the limitations and the freedoms. What do you want, which patterns need to be broken to get you back on the horse or help you get back your motivation?

> take action.

We tend to think that we only get stuck because of practical problems. “If only I would be motivated, if only my boss/professor/supervisor would understand me, if only I would be better at this…” But oftentimes the solution can be found in a combination of three resources, time, energy, and focus. We will work together to rebalance these resources.

“So that’s how it works, what’s holding me back.”

> be authentic.

You won’t walk out of meetings with a to-do list, but with a number of focus points to keep in mind. What will you do to make progress? Will you reach out, read more, talk, get up on time, or maybe take a break? This will help you actively take steps towards the future, without fixating on a single problematic side of things.

Tjitske is a real help in one of the most challenging times of your life; writing a thesis. She always motivates you and puts in all the effort possible to help you succesfully complete your thesis at University or your bsc scriptie at HBO. With her positive and professional attitude she guides you throughout this process and gives you the feeling that you can do it, even if you are not sure about that yourself.

steffenie kuiper

 Tjitske has helped me enormously in finding the core of my thesis. Because of her enthusiasm she gave me back the confidence to finish my thesis after two years of stagnation. Because of her knowledge she knows exactly how to ask the right questions, which takes you 5 steps further after only 1 session. In my opinion it doesn’t get more valuable than that.

jill nieuwland

If you need coaching and support while you are writing your thesis, I would recommend Scriptiewijzer! The coaching is very individualised, so that you get the right support for your personality and thesis topic. Tjitske’s help allowed me to successfully complete my thesis – it was a pleasant collaboration that taught me a lot.

david castellanos